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After my post a bit earlier in Windows Safari, kurisu posted this fascinating article on the differences between Windows and OS X (and now Safari for Windows) font rendering, which has puzzled me for ages.

A quick summary is that Apple want the fonts to look nice, whereas Microsoft want the text to be more readable. I think it's fair to say that neither is "better", but it's interesting to see the way the different approaches go.

Wait, what?

Ok, this Kerrang! CD has got me conflicted. I mean, I can't seek out and get a CD which has Fightstar doing a cover of Deftones (or has any Fightstar track on it at all), but on the other hand, I can't not seek out and get a CD which has Dillinger Escape Plan covering Soundgarden's Jesus Christ Pose. That threatens to be the coolest thing ever. Maybe I can just take a nail to the Fightstar sections.

Safari on Windows

My notes (so far!):

  • Anyone using this for normal browsing should probably stop now, they've apparently (and most of them haven't been properly confirmed, but better safe than sorry and all that) found six or seven serious security flaws in it so far, so I'd wait until they've done a proper security audit.
  • Other than the fact that Apple stubbornly refuse to follow the Windows HIGs (that is, it doesn't look or work like a Windows app, meaning it's a bit of a confusing/inconsistent affair) Safari is still a great browser, and KHTML/WebKit is a great HTML renderer. I've wanted there to be a version of KHTML for Windows or a KHTML browser for GNOME for some time (the open sourceWindows effort, Swift, is still extremely shaky, although it seems like the "proper" solution for a Windows KHTML/WebKit browser). It's good to see this around.
  • Being able to see our Safari rendering bugs in Windows is excellent at work. As well as making it easier for some people to move to OS X,
  • The Apple greyscale font rendering looks really weird next to Windows Cleartype (subpixel) font rendering. I wonder if Apple are planning to put a proper subpixel renderer (or, you know, use the Windows font rendering) in the Windows Safari at some point?
  • Stop bundling Quicktime with everything, Jobs! *shakes fist*
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Dear me.

I haven't gone for it in previous incarnations, but I'm using version 11 of Windows Media Player at work and it's totally awesome. I often feel horrid going home to Banshee, and if I was using Windows at home, it'd be a serious competitor to foobar2000, which was my previous player of choice.

iTunes is pretty neat these days as well, but it's never gelled well with me on Windows.

Things that are awesome include a very nice layout, very simple seamless ripping support (to MP3, rather than WMA, o'course), and (and this is my favourite thing, which is the main reason I dislike Banshee et al compared to Foobar/iTunes), correct handling of the distinction between "album artist" and "artist", and other tags. Compilation albums are a complete pain on most Linux music players.

Also I clicked the "Advanced Tag Editor" and it has built-in support for syncing lyrics to the music in the tags of the file. Not something I'd ever use, but really quite neat.

Gig on Friday

Hey peoples, I often forget that I don't see some people very often outside of online, so I've been a little late in posting this. Basically there's a gig with my band, and Lazy Hand (funny!) and Kieron's band (probably metal, but I can't remember their names!) and a Judas Priest tribute band (Judas Priest-y) on Friday the thirteenth (this Friday) for my birthday and Kieron's (Friday and Sunday respectively) and also just because it'd be good craic.

You are all, of course, invited if you want to come. :)

It's on from 6-11 in the Canon's Gait on the Royal Mile. Should be good fun, especially since the place will probably be pretty stowed with just the bands and equipment :)

I posted the details over at Neil's forum, and I'll reproduce that here now:

6 to 11 in Canon's Gait on Friday, my band and 3 others are playing (including a Judas Priest tribute band, and Lazy Hand and the Farce Bandits, who a few people should remember from the Open Mics in the Tron).

Come along.

It is free.

It is also my birthday thing since I'm lazy and can't decide on anything else.

Also I think we could go out after 11 if people wanted too since bands need to finish up then anyway.

As I say, it's an open invite, even if you don't know me and just want to go see a good-fun free gig, it's all good with me. :)